Bit of Inspiration: Food Landscapes by Carl Warner

Bit of Inspiration: Food Landscapes by Carl Warner

Carl Warner's Food LandscapesSunday morning is a bit of down time for me and one of my favorite things to do is catch the CBS Sunday Morning show. There are always great, short news items that they cover and this past Sunday was no exception. They had a segment on the amazing photographer Carl Warner, who does some outstanding things with food. He creates food landscapes.

I first heard about Carl Warner when Kitty and I were shopping at Borders during their closing sales. The book Carl Warner’s Food Landscapes immediately caught my eye and I was pulled in to see what this was all about. He creates elaborate landscapes using foods. Everything from fruits and vegetables to chocolate and nuts. It all may seem a bit odd but when he is done you can almost get lost in the photos and forget that it is all created with food. He even jokes at one point during the report that someone told him that they knew exactly where he took a certain photo and the person had definitely missed that it was all created by food.

During the CBS Sunday Morning report he was working on a food landscape for a children’s book, centered around the color orange. It was interesting to see how he sketches the scene out ahead of time and works with another person known as a “food sculpture” to bring the scene to life. I highly recommend you check out the CBS Sunday Morning report on their site and if you have a chance to get your hands on his book, definitely do so. You will be blown away at the detail and realism that Carl Warner can create with food. Also noticed on Amazon that he has a 2012 calendar for sale. Looks just as amazing as his book.

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