Rookie Designer 139 – Finding Freelance Work

Rookie Designer 139 - Finding Freelance Work

In this latest episode of Rookie Designer Podcast Carl and Jake discuss where you can find freelance jobs online and offline. They also take the time to address some of the sites that run competitions and why they may not be the best for finding good quality freelance work.


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  1. Another great show! iTunes 5 stars!
    I agree with you about spec sites taking advantage of designers. Thanks for all the tips!

  2. Thanks Mark! Spec work has been the bane of our industry, a lot of people think it’s not so bad, but it cheapens our lot as designers and makes us all look like we’re participating in amateur hour.

    We’re planning out the next episode content now, I’m thinking maybe it’s worth talking about how we as designers can go out in the world and promote our work through low-cost physical means like car signs, shirts, postcards and the like… I have a couple ideas.

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