RD143 - BNI

Rookie Designer 143 – Business Network International (BNI)

Jake and Carl talk about Business Network International (BNI) and how it has effected both their businesses. Jake has been in the Pathfinders group of Upstate New York for a few years and Carl recently joined Suburban Success out of Massachusetts. They talk about some of the elements of BNI, such as the “60 Second”

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Rookie Designer 142 – Goals

Boo! Rookie Designer is back… again. After a year and a half break Jake from Graphic Precision is back to talk to you about goals. Short term, long term and on going goals.

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Rookie Designer 141 - Adobe's Move to CC

Rookie Designer 141 – Adobe’s Move to CC

Jake and Carl discuss Adobe’s decision to move to subscription only for their software going forward from CS6, with Creative Cloud.

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Rookie Designer 140 – Networking On and Offline

In episode 140 of Rookie Designer Podcast, Jake and Carl discuss networking. They specifically talk about networking for business and networking to help you find a job. The discussion includes options for networking online, as well as offline.

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Rookie Designer 139: Finding Freelance Work

Rookie Designer 139 – Finding Freelance Work

In this latest podcast episode Carl and Jake discuss where to find good, quality freelance work online and offline. Also covering the issue of SPEC work.

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