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Rookie Designer 142 – Goals

Boo! Rookie Designer is back… again. After a year and a half break Jake from Graphic Precision is back to talk to you about goals. Short term, long term and on going goals.

Rookie Designer 141 – Adobe’s Move to CC

Jake and Carl discuss Adobe’s decision to move to subscription only for their software going forward from CS6, with Creative Cloud.

Rookie Designer 140 – Networking On and Offline

In episode 140 of Rookie Designer Podcast, Jake and Carl discuss networking. They specifically talk about networking for business and networking to help you find a job. The discussion includes options for networking online, as well as offline.

Rookie Designer 139 – Finding Freelance Work

In this latest podcast episode Carl and Jake discuss where to find good, quality freelance work online and offline. Also covering the issue of SPEC work.

Rookie Designer 138 – Rookie Designer is BACK!

Rookie Designer Podcast is back after almost a year off. Jake brings in a new co-host, Carl of Holy Carp Design. As well as introductions, they talk about a collaboration software they use called Podio.

Rookie Designer 137 – Financial Fridays

In Rookie Designer 137 Kitty & Jake discuss conferences, financial fridays accounting as an independent designer, app recommendation & shortcut of the week.

Rookie Designer 136 – Presenting A Portfolio

In Rookie Designer Podcast episode 136 Kitty and Jake discuss a question that came to them through Facebook about the different ways portfolios are presented. Covering mounted samples, using a PDF, the importance of an online portfolio and how it is important that your portfolio reflect a bit about your own personality. Stay tuned for the short cut of the week and their app recommendations.

Rookie Designer 135 – Follow Ups

In Rookie Designer Podcast episode 135 Jake talks about the importance of follow ups with potential clients and existing clients. He talks about how the phone call is not a cold call and following up before the holidays hit can be a real winner for both you and your client.

Rookie Designer 134 – Fear

In Rookie Designer Podcast episode 134 Kitty and Jake talk about fear. They talk about some of their own fears as designers and how they choose to deal with these fears. They touch on a more general rookie fear and how someone can deal with that. Also this episode they talk about the shortcut of the week and their recommendations.

Rookie Designer 133 – Google+ Pages and Website Backbone

In Rookie Designer Podcast episode 133, Jake and Kitty talk about Google+ Pages for business. They go into the differences between Facebook and Google+, as well as giving some useful tips on how to attract people to your Google+ Page so they add you to their circles. During their talk they discuss if it’s ok [...]

Rookie Designer 132 – Getting Back Into A Routine & A Twitter Question

In Rookie Designer Podcast episode 132, Jake and Kitty talk about how they like to get back into the routine. Specifics of sleep patterns, going to the gym and making lists are brought up. They also tackle a very good Twitter question from a fan asking about how to deal with a client who wants [...]

Rookie Designer 131 – Juggling The Clients, Pinterest and 24 Hour Photoshop

After a bit of a hiatus, Rookie Designer Podcast is back with episode number 131. During this episode we talk about the challenges of juggling a contract job and freelance clients. We also talk about a pretty cool site for inspiration called Pinterest and we announce the upcoming 24 Hour Photoshop by Mogo Media. We [...]

Rookie Designer 130 – The Traveling Designer

Hello and thank you for checking out Episode 130 – The Traveling Designer! It’s been a busy last couple of weeks for both Jake and I. Jake moved to a new place and now that he got everything set back  up and running, we are back to record Rookie Designer for you! In this episode, [...]

Rookie Designer 129 – Google+, Rookie Mailbag

Kitty and I have been very busy over the last month. We realize our listeners have been wondering where the latest podcast may be. Well here is #129! In this latest episode we talk about a little thing known as Google+ and we also answer our first Mailbag question from Kasia. Enjoy the show and [...]

Rookie Designer 128 – #PePCon Adventures and What is “The Twitter?”

Jake and Kitty talk about their trip to Print & ePublishing Conference 2011 in DC presented by hosts Anne Marie Concepcion and David Blatner. They talk about the sessions they enjoyed and about why they think every Rookie should attend a conference like PePCon. Jake and Kitty also talk about what “The Twitter” is [...]