Rookie Designer 84 – Search Engine Optimization

August 16th, 2007 · 58 mins 58 secs

About this Episode

Building a killer site is one thing, but getting a whole mess of people to visit it is quite another. Inspired by a listener U-Share submission, well take a look into common misconceptions about SEO, and some tips for getting your site higher up in the search rankings.

Keys to the Game:
Show/Hide Guides and Grid in Adobe products
Mac: Cmd + ;
PC: Ctl + ;
Mac: Cmd + '
PC: Ctl + '

Links from todays show:
Paul Mycroft + Company Search Engine Services & Tips

Apple iLife 08
Apple iWork 08

Rookie Mistake Tip:
Don't just take anyone's word that a certain solution will work for your problem. All problems have multiple solutions and its up to you to find several ways to attack it and creative ways to solve it, whether we're talking about driving business to a website, or solving a design dilemma.

In the Bullpen:
Web Designer Magazine

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