Rookie Designer 92 – Website Landing Page Creation

January 3rd, 2008 · 57 mins 42 secs

About this Episode

Building a page that users will be directed to from an online ad or url may seem like an easy thing to accomplish, but there is more that goes into it than may appear. We must take into account several issues, most importantly keeping the attention of the user so that they don't make that click to move on to the competitor's site. In this episode we'll cover some tactics for not only keeping those potential clients on your site, but also converting them from leads to paying customers.

Keys to the Game:

New page in InDesign

Mac: Command Shift P

PC: Control Shift P

Rookie Mistake Tip:

While I always preach looking at others work and using the inspiration to make your work better, we must also be careful of parody. Getting ideas from others work is one thing, while straight up copying others work is quite another. We must still strive for new functionality and originality in our design, while "Keeping Up with the Jones'."

In the Bullpen:

Project 7

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