Rookie Designer 111 – Organizing Folder Madness and Flash Grows Up

May 25th, 2009 · 48 mins 30 secs

About this Episode

Will the REAL episode 111 please show yourself... sorry for the slip up to those of you who were expecting a new episode, only to find yourself listening to 110 for a second time. Here is the real deal!

Social media is a movement that has been building for sometime and now appears at every corner, in your personal life and in business. There is no escaping the technology as it is being utilized by companies to steer marketing campaigns for everything from music to household products you use every day. The good news... you now have a voice and a forum in which to express your opinions. The bad news... everyone is listening, whether you want them to or not. We'll discuss some of the ramifications of social media on the design field and how it may be affecting you.

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