Rookie Designer 86 – New Site & Photoshop World Wrapup

September 13th, 2007 · 1 hr 5 mins

About this Episode

Rookie Designer's home has a new look and a lot of new features. In this episode I'll point out those improvements, and also share some of the best things I learned at Photoshop World 2007.

Keys to the Game:
Go to line in Dreamweaver
Mac: Cmd + ,
PC: Ctl + ,

Book Report from todays show:
Learning Web Design - A Beginners Guide to (X)HTML, Style Sheets, and Web Graphics
By Jennifer Niederst Robbins, Published by O'Reilly
I can't say enough good things about this book! There are publications that just teach you how to make a website, and those are great too, but this book gives you history of the web, how it actually works, and why we design in a certain way. Best of all, once you have learned how to build a site, it also tells you how to get it up on the web live!

Links from todays show:
Daz 3D
Ananya Curves

Rookie Mistake Tip:
Knowing the latest software backward and forward is not enough to transform you into a great designer. The applications you use should be thought of as tools that aid you in bringing your brilliant design ideas to fruition.

In the Bullpen:
Kelby Training

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