Rookie Designer 87 – Grad School, Workstation Setup and More

September 27th, 2007 · 59 mins 19 secs

About this Episode

We're flying free in this episode with discussion about the advantages of going to grad school, what makes a great workstation, not only in regards to your physical health, but also your mental health, as well as a bunch of well-overdue topics from the forum.

Keys to the Game:
Select words without reaching for the mouse
Mac: Option + Shift + right/left arrow key
PC: Ctl + Shift + right/left arrow key

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Visual Diner
International Academy of Design and Technology

Rookie Mistake Tip:
Communication is key to the success of pretty much any job that you will collaborate with others on. Whether its reminding a client or coworker that you need info/materials to meet a deadline, or being able to describe the specs of a project, you really have to be able to communicate on the same level.

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