Rookie Designer 128 – #PePCon Adventures and What is “The Twitter?”

June 9th, 2011 · 39 mins

About this Episode

Jake and Kitty talk about their trip to Print & ePublishing Conference 2011 in DC presented by hosts Anne Marie Concepcion and David Blatner. They talk about the sessions they enjoyed and about why they think every Rookie should attend a conference like PePCon. Jake and Kitty also talk about what "The Twitter" is all about and how it can benefit designers. Covering hashtags, lists, picking a name, avatars and the importance of a well designed background. Lastly they add a quick tip each to help a Rookie Designer work smarter!

Show Notes:

PePCon Adventures

Print & ePublishing Conference in Washington DC, May 23–25, 2011
InDesign Type: Professional Typography with Adobe InDesign by Nigel French
The Grid System by Nigel French
Russell Viers - You Work too hard... and I'm Here To Fix It!
#PePCon on Twitter

What is "The Twitter?"

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