Rookie Designer 143 – Business Network International (BNI)

July 23rd, 2015 · 39 mins 31 secs

About this Episode

Jake and Carl talk about Business Network International (BNI) and how it has effected both their businesses. Jake has been in the Pathfinders group of Upstate New York for a few years and Carl recently joined Suburban Success out of Massachusetts. They talk about some of the elements of BNI, such as the "60 Second" they give each week. Below are a few links related to the groups they belong to, as well as the main BNI site.

Business Network International Main Site

BNI Upstate New York (Regional Site)

BNI Massachusetts (Regional Site)

BNI Suburban Success Facebook Page

Are you in a BNI group? Let us know what group you are in and where you are located. Leave us a comment!

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