Rookie Designer Podcast 152 - Is The Client Always Right

Rookie Designer 152 – Is The Client Always Right

The Rookie Designer Podcast returns with Jake of Graphic Precision making announcements about the future of the podcast.

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Featured Image 151 - Freelancers Dilemma

Rookie Designer 151 – Freelancers Dilemma

In this episode Jake and Carl discuss a freelancers dilemma that you might run into. While working for someone fulltime, especially if it’s in the same field or a similar field, you may be approached by a client through your freelance business that you met through your fulltime gig.

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Rookie Designer 150 - Preventing Burnout

Rookie Designer 150 – Preventing Burnout

This episode Carl and Jake talk about how they cope with stress and preventing burnout. With different perspectives, Carl dealing with a more corporate environment and Jake with running is own business, as well as a more isolated situation, they provide some suggestions on how designers can prevent burnout.

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Rookie Designer Episode 149 - Office Spaces

Rookie Designer 149 – Office Spaces

In this latest episode Jake and Carl talk about office spaces. They talk about their own arrangements and what some of the pros and cons are for each. Jake also shares his excitement in regards to his move to some office space outside of his home, where he currently works full-time. They also talk about what coworking space is and how that works for a designer or freelancer.

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Rookie Designer Eps 148 - Know What You Don't Know

Rookie Designer 148 – Know What You Don’t Know

During the latest episode of Rookie Designer Podcast, Carl and Jake talk about dealing with areas of design and business they aren’t good at or knowledgable about. Carl shares a specific story about how he had to make a decision on how to deal with a client asking about a specific area of web design he isn’t used to working in.

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