Rookie Designer 138 – Rookie Designer is BACK!

April 3rd, 2013 · 27 mins

About this Episode

After almost a year off, it is with great pleasure that we are back and releasing our latest episode of Rookie Designer Podcast. In this episode you will meet Carl Grivakas, the new co-host and freelance designer. Jake also takes a few moments to share his background for those who are new to the podcast. Together they talk about one of the tools they use to collaborate on projects. Welcome back to Rookie Designer Podcast and don't forget to rate us on iTunes to help others find the show.

Show Notes

Carl's Design Business

Holy Carp Design -
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Jake's Design Business

Prepressology -
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Other Links

The Foodies' Kitchen -
Taughnee Stone -


Getting Started PDF by Carl Grivakas - Podio Getting Started


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