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The Rookie Designer Podcast was founded in 2005, about one year into the growth of the new medium referred to as podcasting. Tired of the typical jargon laden, elitist discussions about the design field of work, Rookie Designer set out to create a resource for all designers, young and old, experienced and non. The Rookie Designer Podcast, brings tips, techniques and discussion delivered in an easy-to-understand format.

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Episodes and Blog Entries

  • Rookie Designer 65 - Creative Placement Services

    Episode  |  February 8th, 2007  |  48 mins 25 secs

    Need help finding a job? Most people do, and there is help out there in many different forms. I recently took the steps to sign on with a cretive placement agency and learned a lot in the process. In this episode I'll share my experience in choosing, intervewing with and signing up with such a resource.

  • Rookie Designer 64 - Writing a Job Proposal

    Episode  |  February 1st, 2007  |  50 mins 17 secs

    Unless your lucky enough to have jobs handed to you by others, you probably need an effective way to convince businesses that you have what they need in terms of design services. This is where knowing how to effectively market your business with a job proposal comes in, and that's what we'll talk about in this episode.

  • Rookie Designer 63 - HCI…What is it?

    Episode  |  January 18th, 2007  |  49 mins 15 secs

    HCI is the study of how Humans and Computers interact. By following some simple guidelines, we can assure that our interface or website is easy to understand and will provide a successful experience for all.

  • Rookie Designer 62 - Freelance Step by Step Part 2

    Episode  |  January 11th, 2007  |  58 mins 18 secs

    Once the contract is signed by the client and the deposit is in your hot little hands, its time to start the project. In this episode we'll continue on with the freelance process, touching on topics like brainstorming, approval processes and billing.

  • Rookie Designer 61 - Freelance Step by Step Part 1

    Episode  |  December 20th, 2006  |  52 mins 35 secs

    What steps do I take in executing a freelance job for a client? Listen to this episode (and the next) and you'll find out just that. We'll look at good practices to make your workflow and business decisions good ones time and again.

  • Rookie Designer 60 - Joining a Team

    Episode  |  December 14th, 2006  |  39 mins 53 secs

    Working by yourself is one thing, but joining a team of designers is quite another. In this episode we'll look at what adjustments must be made to succeed as part of a larger design group, and how this experience can make you a stronger designer in the end.

  • Rookie Designer 59

    Episode  |  December 7th, 2006  |  49 mins 36 secs
  • Rookie Designer 52

    Episode  |  October 19th, 2006  |  55 mins 20 secs
  • Rookie Designer 51

    Episode  |  October 12th, 2006  |  44 mins 5 secs
  • Rookie Designer 50

    Episode  |  October 5th, 2006  |  42 mins 53 secs
  • Rookie Designer 49

    Episode  |  September 28th, 2006  |  51 mins 13 secs
  • Rookie Designer 48

    Episode  |  September 21st, 2006  |  41 mins 38 secs
  • Rookie Designer 47

    Episode  |  September 19th, 2006  |  37 mins 5 secs
  • Rookie Designer 46

    Episode  |  September 12th, 2006  |  36 mins 53 secs
  • Rookie Designer 45

    Episode  |  August 31st, 2006  |  43 mins 32 secs
  • Rookie Designer 44

    Episode  |  August 24th, 2006  |  43 mins 46 secs